We Are the Original Brain Flakes®!

brain flakes

The Brain Flakes® brand mission is Engineers Start Here®. That means enabling the world's next generation of engineers through confidence building and spatial learning! Brain Flakes® is the stepping stone to enter the world of engineering!

Our founder discovered quarter sized interlocking plastic discs while in China in 2013. He thought they were really cool and they were popular in China, so he decided to introduce the product to the United States. The name "Brain Flakes" is a play on the words of the cereal brand Bran Flakes and how Brain Flakes® are for your brain!

The Brain Flakes® brand was first showcased in 2014 at New York Toy Fair. Despite not getting much attention at the fair, we decided to launch this awesome product online! We were right! People loved it! While we did not invent interlocking plastic discs (they were actually introduced in the 1950s), we patented an improvement in our discs to make them easier to click together, of which we are very proud! The patent was a collaboration between the founder of Brain Flakes®, our injection molding engineer Dileep, and the genius inventor of the Rainbow Loom®, Choon!

Evolution of Brain Flakes Patented Design for Easy Clicking

Safety is a top priority for us! Brain Flakes® discs are made from premium and tested polyethylene (PE) plastic, they are durable and high quality. Our signature yellow cap jar is travel friendly and reusable- the jar is made from PET and and the cap is made from Polypropylene (PP). All of our products are child safe - BPA, lead, heavy metal, and phthalate FREE! We regularly test our products and they are compliant with ASTM US CPSIA safety regulations. 

Note: This product is suitable for ages 5+. 

Brain Flakes® discs measure 1.3" across and are 1/10" thick. They click together and apart easily for all ages and levels of motor skills! Not only for brain building, Brain Flakes® discs will improve the coordination and dexterity of young children, keeping both their minds and bodies active! 

Brain Flakes® discs are versatile and play a big part in STEM education! With one single shape and 12 colors, there are endless building possibilities! From 2D to 3D, Brain Flakes® let children's imagination runs wild! Our design team is constantly creating digital building instructions and task cards help guide little Braingineers™ to create and build lots of fun designs! Trust us, Brain Flakes® is just as fun and addicting for adults as well! 

VIAHART® LLC is the manufacturer for Brain Flakes® and many other toys! The company was founded in 2010 by Molson Hart. Now we have a small team of over 5! We design and distribute all our products and our goal is to build capability and confidence in children with everything we make and sell! We are headquartered in Texas and that's where we design and ship many of our products to y'all! If you have questions or if there's any way we can help, please contact us!